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Press release / Feb. 7, 2024

California College of the Arts appoints Jacqueline Francis as dean of Humanities and Sciences

CCA is pleased to announce Jacqueline Francis as the new dean of Humanities and Sciences. Francis will oversee the division’s 10 programs and its collegewide curriculum in which all students participate.

Portrait of Jacqueline Francis.

Media coverage / Feb. 6, 2024

CCA alum decorates his walls with heirloom farm tools

Navin Norling (BFA Illustration 1995) adds texture to his white walls with his grandfather's heirloom farm tools, representing a piece of the Norling family history and identity.

Photo of Navin Norling in his studio.


Ten questions for CCA’s 10th president, David Howse

Get to know President David Howse and why he’s excited to lead the college in this next chapter in its history.

David Howse chatting in Illustration classroom.

Media coverage / Jan. 18, 2024

CCA hosts a celebration party to welcome President David Howse

City leaders in the arts come together to welcome and celebrate President Howse at Villa Taverna in San Francisco. Nob Hill Gazette showcases some highlights and photos from the event.

Left to right: David Soward, David C. Howse, and Lorna Meyer Calas


A peek into faculty pursuits outside of the classroom

Faculty from across the Design Division share the other parts of their practice and life — exhibitions, industry work, publications, special projects, and more.

A fluid shaped table and a landscape photo of a crane in action are overlayed and in a tiled pattern.

Press release / Jan. 9, 2024

California College of the Arts announces scholarship to fund senior year tuition for Fine Arts students

Jeanette G. and Michael J. Lopez gift $2 million to create an endowed scholarship program at CCA.

A Study of Sand and Snow, 2021, Inkjet print, 8.5” by 12”

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2023

CCA faculty Neeraj Bhatia challenges the radical in architecture

Neeraj Bhatia, associate professor of Architecture, explores what it means for architecture to be radical. He underlines the need for design to impact community, policy, and environment.

Neeraj Bhatia in the exhibition, "New Investigations in Collective Form."

Media coverage / Dec. 18, 2023

CCA alum honors the legacy of sculptor JB Blunk with 100 Hooks

Architecture alum Mariah Nielson celebrates her father's legacy with a series of exhibitions, starting with 100 Hooks. The show reflects the breadth, playfulness and surprise that defined Blunk's practice.

Some of the hooks in the exhibition on display at Blunk Space, in northern California

Media coverage / Dec. 16, 2023

Dezeen features 10 CCA architecture student projects

Dezeen spotlights CCA student projects ranging from digital submarine habitats for oysters and fish to a pavilion that can be used for yoga or meditation.

Oyster Shingle by Ahmad Alajmi, Claire Leffler, and Colin Murdock.


What to consider when choosing a pre-college summer program

Are you planning to spend next summer making art, going to summer school, or previewing college? Here are some important tips to consider when choosing the right pre-college summer program.

Self-portrait sketch with colorful explosions of fish, eyeballs, bugs, and stars behind the face

Media coverage / Dec. 11, 2023

PBS streams How to Have an American Baby by CCA Film faculty Leslie Tai

How to Have an American Baby is a voyage into Chinese tourists traveling to the US to give birth for citizenship. A hidden global economy emerges, depicting the fortunes and tragedies to people caught in its web.

Image from "How to Have an American Baby" documentary


How a town touched by fire looked to the next generation to inspire its future

One alum’s vision to help his hometown recover from the Dixie Fire blossomed into a multi-year partnership where CCA students offered inspiration to rebuild for resilience and longevity.

A panoramic photo of a mix of people forming a circle in the middle of a forest clearing.

Media coverage / Dec. 6, 2023

CCA student covers San Francisco street poles with 1,000 mysterious flyers

What's one thing you know to be true in this world? MFA student Cole Ryder gathers hundred of answers by posting flyers around the city encouraging people to call the New Earth Hotline.

Flyers for the New Earth Hotline.


Inside the studio with graduating BFA Illustration seniors

This semester 10 senior illustrators get ready for the culminating moment of their CCA experience and launch their careers in the senior thesis exhibition.

Viv Pham, Sweet Sweet Corn. Snack bag mockup.


Get to know CCA alum Andrew Perkins, a furniture designer who has expanded his horizons with his company, Fire Road

Graduating from CCA with a BFA in Furniture Design in 2011, Andrew Perkins has started his own successful business creating home accents of unparalleled quality.

A red spiral graphic against a black background with two white dots indicates the path and stops along the way for CCA alumni.

Press release / Nov. 20, 2023

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts presents Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernández’s first U.S. solo exhibition

CCA and CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts proudly presents Rodrigo Hernández: with what eyes?, a new solo exhibition by the acclaimed Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernández.

Rodrigo Hernández, with what eyes #9, 2023.


Explore our growing campus in San Francisco with a sneak peak of what’s coming in 2024

See what our campus life and makerspaces look like today and get a preview of our soon-to-open expansion project.

Arial view of the construction of CCA's new Double Ground building with the words "Expanding Possibilities" on it.


Five reasons a STEM-designated program at an art school might be right for you

Combine art and design with technology and science to impact change and grow your career in CCA’s STEM-designated graduate programs.

A large pencil shaped apparatus 3D prints a small undulating structure with clay.

Media coverage / Nov. 10, 2023

Artist profile on Nathan Lynch Chair of the Ceramics Program at CCA

Square Cylinder profiles CCA faculty Nathan Lynch, highlighting his arts background and upbringing, the evolution of his artistic expression, and the humor behind his sculptures.

Ceramic sculptor Nathan Lynch w/Speech Aboard the Iceberg, 2021, glazed ceramic, 44 x 28 x  284 inches.

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