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Media coverage / May 30, 2023

RRR: David Huffman at Jessica Silverman Gallery

"Odyssey is an incredibly rich and multifaceted exhibition that rewards close examination. It is a testament to Huffman's skill as an artist that he is able to combine so many disparate elements..."



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A day where play meets clay

It’s all fun and games in this crossover between CCA students in the Ceramics and Game Arts programs.



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Preview the stunning work of young Bay Area creatives



Preview the stunning work of young Bay Area creatives

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CCA Pre-College students recall their dreamy summer in photos

Young creative thinkers and makers take a sneak peak at art school life, build their portfolios, and earn college credits.


CCA Ceramics puts a new spin on tradition

Students, faculty, alums, and staff got a feel for the new Ceramics studio at the 32nd annual Blind Throwing Contest.



CCA course sponsored by Google focuses on the future

Discover how students from across CCA’s Design programs speculated on the future in the industry-sponsored course Studio Forward.


CCA alumni captivate a local city with new public art and a bold message

Alumni Joey Rose and Alexandra Underwood bring the international Sea Walls mural festival to Emeryville, promoting environmental conservation through art.

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya’s mural adorns a wall on Emery High School.


Student Spotlight: How Ingrid Henderson’s thesis project stole the show

Graduate student Ingrid Henderson talks about how her thesis project went viral on TikTok, reached performer Billie Eilish, and how it all happened.

A portrait of the graduate student artist Ingrid Henderson smiling in the MFA Graduate Studios.

Press release / Oct. 18, 2022

CCA Announces $4.7 Million in Gifts to Support Diversity, Equity and Innovation in Arts & Design Field

A $1 million gift from the Gensler family and a $1 million gift from Gensler, the award-winning global architecture, design and planning firm, to establish the M. Arthur Gensler Jr. Center for Design Excellence.

CCA official logo.

Media coverage / Oct. 1, 2022

San Francisco Chronicle: The architect of S.F.’s twisty white Mira tower has a follow-up act: An arts college near Mission Bay

In conversation with architect Jeanne Gang, Urban Design critic John King explores the history and potential of CCA’s campus expansion as construction begins on its centerpiece, Gang’s innovative “Double Ground” campus.

Architect Jeanne Gang stands with her back to the camera as she visits the construction site of the new “Double Ground” expansion project for California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She looks toward the current building across a flat, dirt lot where the new campus will be built.


Back-to-school spirit on a unified campus

CCA students returning to campus for the fall 2022 semester were met with a dynamic mix of welcome-back events, programs, and get-togethers.

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Media coverage / Sept. 7, 2022

The Wall Street Journal profiles CCA alum Hank Willis Thomas's commitment to "loving action"

With a major new exhibition, artist-activist Thomas continues to confront today's most divisive issues—violence, racism, polarization—in hopes of inspiring mutual understanding and positive solutions.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas at his Brooklyn studio.


Three reasons why San Francisco is the best city for art students

Why go to art school in San Francisco? Location matters. In San Francisco, art and industry are everywhere, and opportunities abound.

View of downtown San Francisco from Delores Park.


The European dispatch: Summer Study Abroad offers students a taste of European design and art

In four exciting Summer Study Abroad courses, CCA students explored cities across Europe to gain a deep sense of history and connect with a global community of artists and designers.

The well-preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia was built in the first century AD to transport water from 11 miles outside the city.


Graduate students in Interaction Design apply a systems lens to approach complex problems

In the Social Lab course, MDes Interaction Design students work with community partners and bring systems thinking to complex problems to create real change.

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