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Scholarships open opportunities for CCA students, sparking creativity, fueling innovation, and inspiring compassion.

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Gifts large and small make a difference in closing the gap between talent and financial need

“I think about my scholarship every day, especially when things are tough—I remember that there are individuals who support what I do and want to see me succeed. And that makes me work harder.”

— Joanne Lee

(BFA Interaction Design 2019)

CCA architecture student working on model made from cardboard

Gifts of any size can be made in support of CCA’s general scholarship fund, which distributes awards to students with immediate need, within the year it was received, or to an existing named scholarship fund. Every contribution makes a significant difference in helping students thrive academically, creatively, and beyond.

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Create a Named Scholarship

Support the next generation of creative leaders who are shaping a brighter future for our world

Thanks to the generosity of our community, CCA provides 74% of students with scholarships and financial aid support. Our priority is to ensure that cost is never a barrier to a quality education and that aspiring young artists and designers develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to advance transformative change.

In these times of economic uncertainty, need is greater than ever for many students.

Creating a scholarship provides critical support for students who otherwise could not attend CCA. Your gift makes a direct impact, enriching students’ learning experiences and inspiring them to make powerful contributions to society.

Spend down annual scholarships

Gifts to spend down scholarships provide immediate support to students with the most pressing needs. These funds are essential for continuing and prospective students who urgently need financial aid in order to enroll at CCA.

  • Gifts over $5,000 are eligible to be named and awarded in full for the academic year.
  • The scholarship is viable for as long as annual contributions are made.
  • Unrestricted scholarship gifts enable CCA to provide aid to as many deserving students as possible regardless of major and level of study.
  • Awarding is administered by the CCA Financial Aid office based on financial and merit qualifications.

“Receiving this scholarship has been a rewarding experience and has meant so much more to me during these challenging times. It reminds me that as creatives we are trained to adapt and find positive outcomes in even the most unfavorable circumstances. I am beyond humbled and honored.”

— Iván Domínguez-Murillo

(BArch 2023) Fong & Chan Architects Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarship recipient Maya Gulassa (BFA Individualized Studies 2018).

Scholarship recipient Maya Gulassa (BFA Individualized Studies 2018).

Endowed scholarships

Endowed scholarships create a legacy that will exist in perpetuity to help generations of talented students.

  • A gift of at least $50,000 establishes a named scholarship fund that is invested in its entirety and grants awards from interest earned.
  • The scholarship can be named in honor of an individual, family, organization, or even a faculty member.
  • Donors receive an annual endowment report on fund performance and scholarship awarding, detailing the impact of their scholarship gifts.
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For more information about giving to scholarships, contact:

Carleigh McDonald

Senior Director, Advancement

+1 415-703-9593

[email protected]


Your philanthropy is an investment in our community, ensuring the Bay Area remains at the center of innovative learning, diverse perspectives, and forward thinking

“At CCA, you find the people who are literally inventing the future.”

— Charles Warren

Director, Twitter

CCA student demonstrating their work.

CCA is a wellspring of creative talent in the heart of the Bay Area. Scholarships enable us to bring the brightest art and design students from around the world to live, learn, and work throughout the region.

Scholarship and financial aid support has a demonstrated impact on student retention, academic achievement, and career success. CCA graduates are trained to cultivate intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration, innovation, compassion, and integrity, and they are highly sought after by companies such as Pixar/Disney, Apple, Intel, Facebook, Gensler, Google, IDEO, Autodesk, Mattel, and Nike, and many launch their own businesses. Alumni work is featured in major museum collections such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, MoMA New York, the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum, SFMOMA, and Tate Modern.

Impact infographic

“I’m proud that CCA alumni represent some of the greatest talent making waves in the workforce today—and I want to help develop the next generation of creative leaders.”

— Phil Balagtas

(MFA Interaction Design 2011)

Join us in igniting the transformational power of creative work.

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Named Scholarship Funds

CCA is deeply grateful to the generous scholarship donors who make a CCA education possible for hundreds of students each year

Installation view of Barclay Simpson MFA Award exhibition at the CCA Hubbell Street Galleries in 2020

Installation view of Barclay Simpson MFA Award exhibition at the CCA Hubbell Street Galleries in 2020.

Current CCA named scholarships

  • Andrew Addkison Memorial Scholarship
  • Alumni Heritage Endowed Scholarship
  • Lorain and Joseph Anderson Scholarship
  • Annieglass Scholarship
  • Kaz Baba Memorial Travel Award
  • Marjorie Benedict Memorial Scholarship
  • Vivian Bolton Scholarship
  • Ralph Borge Scholarship
  • Jan and Tom Boyce Endowed Scholarship
  • William Brobeck and Gloria Brown Brobeck Scholarship
  • R.A. Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Lorna Meyer Calas Scholarship
  • Victor Carrasco Endowed Scholarship
  • CCA Diversity Scholarship Fund
  • Lauren Chapman Ruiz Scholarship
  • Peter Chapman Memorial Scholarship
  • Carmen M. Christensen Endowed Scholarship
  • Susan Ciriclio Photography Scholarship
  • Marcella Cleese Endowed Scholarship
  • The Clorox Company Foundation Scholarship
  • Clothier Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Alvin E. Cole and Ruth S. Cole Scholarship Fund
  • The Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation Graphic Design Scholarship
  • The Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation Illustration Scholarship
  • Craft Forward Scholarship
  • Michael Patrick Cronan Endowed Scholarship
  • Christopher Timothy Cutler Endowed Scholarship
  • Daniel J. and Susan E. Daniloff Design Scholarship
  • Kate V. & Harry W. Davies Memorial Scholarship
  • Diversity in Design
  • The Terry Dougall and Robert Hill Rainbow Endowed Scholarship
  • Ted Doyle Scholarship
  • Hank Dunlop Interior Design Scholarship
  • Emigre Endowed Scholarship
  • Faculty Emeritus Scholarship
  • Frederick W. Farnol and Ellen C. Farnol Endowed Scholarship
  • Leonard and Bella Feldman Endowed Scholarship
  • Field Family Scholarship
  • Charles Fiske Memorial Scholarship
  • Koko Fujita Flowers Endowed Scholarship
  • Fong & Chan Architects (David G. Fong/Chiu Lin Tse-Chan) Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Florence J. French Scholarship
  • Stanlee R. Gatti Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard Gayton Emeritus Scholarship
  • Gensler Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Charles Gill Emeritus Scholarship
  • Goldenberg Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard F. “Rick” Groshong Memorial Scholarship
  • Trude Guermonprez Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Gump’s Endowed Scholarship
  • Half Century Club Scholarship
  • Yozo Hamaguchi Printmedia Scholarship
  • The Mikae Hara Scholarship
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • The Leo and Florence Helzel Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of David Kirshman
  • Lowell Herrero Endowed Scholarship
  • Alan Herrick Memorial Scholarship
  • Osman and Gordena Jackson Memorial Scholarship
  • The George Frederick Jewett Foundation Architecture Scholarship
  • The Fletcher Jones Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Kaiser Permanente Scholarship
  • Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation Scholarship
  • David Kelley Endowed Scholarship
  • Kay Kimpton Walker Endowed Scholarship
  • Ginny Kleker Commitment to Art Award
  • Walter and Josephine Landor Endowed Scholarship
  • Wolfgang Lederer Memorial Scholarship
  • Steven Leiber and Leigh Markopoulos Scholarship
  • Dennis Leon and Christin Nelson Scholarship
  • Miranda Leonard Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Lucille Knutson Leslie Scholarship
  • Toni A. Lowenthal Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
  • Makers Round Table Scholarship
  • Walter J. Menrath Scholarship
  • Byron Meyer Scholarship in Graduate Fine Arts
  • Frederick and Laetitia Meyer Scholarship
  • Morhauser Scholarship
  • The Muscardini Family Scholarship
  • National Endowment for the Arts Scholarship
  • Arthur E. Nelson Ceramic Scholarship
  • NICOLEHOLLIS Interior Design + Architecture Diversity Scholarship
  • OgilvyOne Endowed Scholarship
  • Lloyd H. Oliver Memorial Scholarship
  • Ethel V. Olson Endowed Scholarship
  • One – AIA Emerging Leader Scholarship
  • The Bernard Osher Foundation Scholarship
  • Carole Doyle Peel Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts
  • Shepard Pollack and Paulette Long Endowed Scholarship
  • George Post Memorial Scholarship
  • President’s International Scholarship
  • Richard K. Price Scholarship
  • Ted Purves Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert Ralls Memorial Scholarship
  • Edna Reichmuth Scholarship
  • Steve Renick Graphic Design Scholarship
  • Steve Reoutt Memorial Scholarship
  • Jessie Cutting Richardson Memorial Scholarship
  • Rite Editions Gift in Memory of Steven Leiber
  • RMW/Matthew R. Mills Endowed Scholarship
  • Rotasa Scholarship
  • Roth & Weil Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Sarkisian Family Scholarship
  • Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation Scholarship
  • George B. Saxe Scholarship
  • Leslie Scalapino Scholarship
  • Gertrude and Elizabeth Schaufel Memorial Scholarship
  • Laurel Scheinman Scholarship
  • Norma Schlesinger Endowed Scholarship
  • Tobin Shreeve Memorial Scholarship
  • The Chara Schreyer Scholarship
  • Kay Sekimachi Endowed Scholarship
  • Nancy Selvin Award
  • Louis Shawl Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship
  • Louis Shawl Trustee Emeritus Scholarship
  • Peter Shoemaker Memorial Scholarship
  • Louis and Lundy Siegriest Memorial Scholarship
  • Ellamae Simmons, MD Endowed Scholarship
  • Barclay Simpson MFA Award
  • Alva and Hugo Steccati Endowed Scholarship
  • Roberta Steele Endowed Scholarship
  • Henry Sugimoto Memorial Scholarship
  • Sheila Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
  • Wayne Thiebaud Endowed Scholarship
  • Michael Vanderbyl Design Scholarship
  • The Sandra Vivanco Diversity Scholarship
  • John D. Wagner and Leita M. Hancock Endowed Scholarship
  • Patricia Walsh Emerita Scholarship
  • Angie Wang and Mark Fox Graphic Design Scholarship
  • Warnock-Berardi Endowed Scholarship
  • Jerrold B. Whitney Memorial Scholarship
  • Susan Wood Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Ronald and Anita Wornick Award
  • Albertina “Nina” Zanzi Endowed Scholarship

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